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Dragy GPS Based Performance Meter

R 2,400.00

AEM Version3 1 Gallon WaterMethanol Injection Kit

R 8,950.00

VCDS with HEXV2 USB Interface Unlimited

R 5,950.00

AEM WaterMethanol Injection Inline Filter

R 495.00

Forge Motorsport key ring

R 100.00

VAG Connector Removal Tool

R 275.00

REVO Stage badge

R 100.00

VAG Cafe License Disc Holder Grey/Red

R 100.00

REVO Badge rear

R 500.00

MOTUL M4 Hands clean

R 90.00

VAG Cafe License Disc Holder Grey/Black

R 100.00

ACL Race bearings VAG G60, 1.8T, 2.0TFSI & TSI

R 950.00

AEM WaterMethanol Failsafe Gauge

R 4,565.00

VAG Cafe License Disc Holder Red

R 100.00

REVO Stage Curve spacer badge

R 100.00

ECS Tuning Universal Exhaust Cutout Kit 3.0

R 7,095.00

P Gear Data logger

R 2,640.00

JB4 Magnetic Air Vent Phone Holder White

R 300.00

Osir O Shift EX Type S

R 1,650.00

REVO Stage+ badge

R 100.00

OSIR Design VAG Water Bottle Cap

R 1,050.00

Forge Motorsport Audi RS6 C7 Atmospheric Valves

R 7,250.00

JB4 Magnetic Air Vent Phone Holder Red

R 300.00

REVO Performance Pack badge

R 200.00

Maxton Design Audi RS6 C7 Front Splitter V3

R 4,800.00