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RS4 Fuel Pressure Release Valve

R 1,200.00

Washer Fluid Reservoir Cap – Black – With Porsche Caps

R 1,550.00

50mm Billet Aluminum Antenna – Anodized Black

R 385.00

ECS Tuning Cam Follower Replacement Kit

R 649.00

ECS Tuning Billet Aluminum Rear Wiper Delete Plug

R 750.00

Ball Seat wheel bolt for 10mm spacers

R 616.00

ECS Cam Chain Tensioner Service Kit

R 3,520.00

Ball Seat wheel bolt for 16mm spacers

R 616.00

ECS Rear Wiper Delete plug

R 605.00

ECS Hatch Pop Kit – Mk7 Golf

R 2,079.00

Purge Valve Mk5 GTI 2.0TFSI

R 705.00

VW MKVII GTI ECS Wheel Spacer Flush Fit Kits

R 4,609.00

ECS Tuning 2.0T TSI Intake Manifold Lever Arm Fix Kit

R 1,045.00

ECS Tuning Front Bumper Side Vinyl Inlay Set – Gloss Black

R 308.00

ECS Tuning MK7 Golf R Center Console Storage Tray

R 690.00

ECS Tuning 2.0T Coil Pack Conversion Kit – Stage 1(RED)

R 1,815.00

Hatch Pop Kit Mk6 GTI

R 1,749.00

ECS Tuning 2.0T Coil Pack Conversion Kit – Stage 1(BLACK)

R 1,815.00

DSG & 6-Speed Automatic Transmission Fluid Service Tool

R 2,750.00

ECS Tuning Billet Engine Oil Dipstick – Black Anodized MQB

R 1,210.00 R 600.00

Hatch Pop kit Mk5 GTI

R 1,749.00

Mk6 Golf R Badgeless Grille – Black

R 2,475.00

ECS Tuning Universal Exhaust Cutout Kit – 3.0”

R 7,095.00

ECS Tuning Manifold Port Boost Tap Kit

R 1,072.50

ECS Tuning Coil Pack Hold Down Kit – Red (1.8T)

R 1,320.00