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GFB Electronic Boost Controller G Force II

R 5,000.00

GFB DV+ Ford Fiesta ST180 & Mustang Ecoboost

R 2,035.00

GFB DV+ BMW BMW F30 335i,F20, F21 M135i

R 2,035.00

GFB DV+ for fitment Mk7 R and 8V S3

R 3,685.00

GFB DV+ Diverter valve for MINI 1.6T

R 2,035.00

GFB VTA T9451 ((Fitment includes Mk5 & M6 GTI and similar)

R 3,150.00


R 2,035.00

GFB VTA T9454 performance blow-off valve solution for Ford Focus ST and Borg Warner turbos.

R 3,150.00

GFB Mk5/Mk6 Manifold Boost Tap

R 649.00

GFB Deceptor Pro II TMS Universal (25mm inlet- 25mm outlet)motorised Blow off valve or BOV with GFB TMS advantage.

R 6,765.00

GFB VTA T9460 performance blow-off valve solution for the Ford Focus RS.)

R 3,150.00

GFB DV+ For Mini N18

R 2,850.00

GFB VTA for 1.2TSI and 1.4TSI

R 3,575.00

GFB D-Force Dedicated Diesel Electronic Boost Controller

R 5,150.00

GFB DV+ Ford Focus RS Mk2

R 2,650.00

GFB VTA DV+ Fiesta ST180

R 3,150.00

GFB D-Force Electronic Boost Controller with EGT Sensor

R 7,095.00

GFB Respons TMS T9025 adjustable bias venting diverter valve- BOV [1.8T]

R 4,785.00