If you’re in the Volkswagen circles, you’ll likely be aware of people complaining because most of the events the Volkswagen Club of South Africa holds exclude those with a track addiction, but with boss man Ian Foat back to steer the club again things have changed for the better. The latest event hosted by the Club took place at Laserfiche Raceway, more commonly known as VKC after the Vereeniging Kart Club, and it was brilliant from start to finish – but you knew that or you wouldn’t see it on VAG Cafe. This is a track that, as the name suggests, is made for kart racing but is also long and wide enough to double as a playground for fast streetcars. While serious high speeds cannot be reached, there’s more than enough space to cock things up and understeer into a wall of old tyres when you expect Quattro to Quattro, so as with all forms of motorsport there’s still a fair amount of danger involved. A total of 45 entries pitched on the day, not far off the planned cap of 60 entries – and this brings me to a complaint I have that would see me ripping onto all those guys with modified cars who never take them to the track as well as all those guys complaining that the events only cater for that stance life, but I’ll skip details on that this time round.

The field of 45 cars was made up of primarily VAG cars as you’d expect from an event hosted by the Club, but many other manufacturer cars were there to support along with representatives of a few other car clubs. A bunch of entrants from the Michelin Cup ZA series made sure to take advantage of this track day to get some practice in for the track day at the same venue that’s set for later in the year – clever. The track is 1,22km long with 14 turns and a streetcar lap time of 1:05 is considered fast, while anything below 1:00 is just brilliant. On this day plenty cars hit that mark but just four managed to break the minute barrier, and out of those four two were VAG cars. Sadly (well not for the driver) a BMW 135i took top honours. To be fair though the brother and sister team of Marco and Shantell Van Der Skyff are quite the force to be reckoned with at autocross-style events.

The action on track was great, a couple of Clubsports were not messing around with the drivers properly exploiting that magic electronic limited diff, and it was one of these that cracked that minute mark at the hands of Ryan Ottens. The fastest “normal” GTi of the day claimed 6th overall with a lap time of 1:00.244, who was also none other than our very own Revo-tuned Jody¬†Ponnusami. Not only does the car make a million killerwatts, the driver knows how to use them. The fastest Audi of the day was Tjaart Visser’s A5 Tdi – this diesel luxobarge defies logic, especially since it was the 2nd fastest car overall with a time of 59.094. A DIESEL! One notable mention in the top ten is Wikus Dippenaar in his N/A 2.0 16-valve throttled Caddy. I’ll say that again, N/A or in other words NORMALLY ASPIRATED. Yup, surrounded by big horsepower boosted cars, this Caddy posted a very respectable time of 1.01:161!

As said, it was a power day all round. By the time I left there were a few farmers scattered around the place with one car kissing the perimeter safety tyres, but not proper incidents that warranted any real concern. Wickus did managed to find a way to shear off a control arm on the Caddy, but knowing him some custom bits will be custom fabricated before the next track day. All in all the VKC track day kicked ass; a great spread of cars, a great bunch of guys and a car club that’s back to showing the rest how to operate. Hopefully the masses of modified VW owners out there will see this post and realise that doing this stuff safely on track is the most fun you can have in your car. With your clothes on at least. We’re looking forward to more events like this in the future. Also remember that if you were unhappy with having your ass handed to in your VAG car by that quick little Toyota Etios RSi, then VAG Cafe’s sister company VAG Technik can hook you up with the good your need to be a winner. A full album of pics will appear on the main VAG Cafe Facebook page soon, keep an eye out for them.

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