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Tri-dyno event? Yup, our mates at the Volkswagen Club of SA decided to host a dyno event with a twist. Seeing as they have members all over SA, they decided to host a dyno day that most could make it to by having the event on the same day in three major cities, namely Jo’burg, Durban and Cape Town. This way the members could all feel included in a brilliant event, and of course VAG Cafe was on hand to see what went down at HM Auto in The Vale. In Jo’burg the event kicked off at 14:00 and would run until the last car entered was on the rollers. For Cape Town the chosen venue was JVS Tuning in Stikland Industrial Park and for them the kick off time was the same but their cut off was to be 19:00. The same times were billed for the event in Durban that was held at Stealth HQ. Both Durban and Jo’burg’s events were hit with rain. Up this side it scared a bunch of people off but the die-hards remained, but in Durban it cut things short, theirs wasn’t a short thundershower like ours was. It was still a brilliant event by all accounts and the combined total of cars on the rollers was a whopping 180. It’s safe to say that even though it was the first event of it’s kind in SA that it went off without a hitch and was a resounding success.

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VAG Cafe - VWCSA Tri-Dyno-116    As usual, the Jo’burg leg was well-supported by club members and non-club members alike. There were loads of sexy cars parked around the venue, all representing the VAG brands, but the VWCSA doesn’t discriminate and everyone knows this which is why there were loads of other brands seen on the day. Cars that attracted a fair amount of attention were Durlyne’s black, bagged 7R, Gareth’s bagged Mk5 GTi, Morne’s neat Mk5 GTi complete with Thule top box, Flavia’s (yes, that’s a girl) slammed Jetta, Kiran’s bagged Mk1 and a super clean mint-coloured Caddy – among others.  The event was

to run late into the night and with the event only ending when all the cars entered had been on the dyno, it was to be a long night. VAG Cafe was there from 13:00 – 20:00 which meant that quite a few cars were missed by us on the rollers, but you’ll see mention of them in the results of course.

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The weather started off looking good for the day but there were some rather ominous clouds in the distance. A bunch of people swore there would be no rain thanks to info on their smartphones apps, but having lived just down the road for over 20 years meant I knew what was in store for us – lots of water from the skies. It did chase quite a few people away including a few cars I would have loved to see on the rollers, but luckily it was a short-lived downpour and many stuck it out (including VAG Cafe) and a few more pitched up after the rains thanks to knowing the event was billed to run well into the night.

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HM Auto is a great venue with a great bunch of guys running the show. They even opened up one of their warehouses to show off a bunch of their own cars as well as some cars from the Lindsay Saker dealership up the road along with some Oettinger-fettled cars. There was food and drink on sale so everyone was kept happy, fed and refreshed (well oiled in some cases). The strongest car VAG Cafe saw on the rollers in the 6 hours there made just over 300kW at the wheels but stronger cars would make an appearance much later on.

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Once again it was a well-organised event, this generation of the VWCSA comm is doing the best job for the club to date, the chaps are on top of their game. A huge shoutout goes from VAG Cafe to them all for the long hours they selflessly put in to make things awesome for their members. In ending, here’s a quote from the chairman, Ian Foat:

Massive thanks to everyone who came out to support the club at the various venues on Saturday! A first for any club in SA, and I would have to say, a huge success! Total cars dyno’ed on Saturday: Oneeeee huuuundreedd aannnnd Eiiightttty!

Cape Town:
Daniel, Andre, Yuri and Marinus pulled it off! Hosting the first dyno day for the club in Cape Town. 40 cars were run at JVS, which was well above my expectations. Thank you all for coming to support the guys there. Speed and Sound were present (Franky Funky Photos) and so be on the look out for the blog post from them on their FB page. Marz also captured some pics, and I’ve just seen them on the forum.  JVS results are all FLYWHEEL readings.

Kyle, Justin, Mitch, Asif, and volunteers Chris, put together another great event! These guys are really starting to up their game and its showing. Durban was unfortunately halted due to the rain, but 54 vehicles were run at Stealth. Thanks to Riaz and Kumarin for always welcoming the club to their premises.

A slow start turned into a very busy afternoon for us at HM Auto. If you have been there before, you will know Hannes and his team are always happy to host the club. And it shows! A MASSIVE Storm that threatened to stop the dyno passed, but it did affect our overall attendance. A little dissapointing, and we only ran 86 cars on the dyno. But, the atmosphere was amazing and everyone had a good time

Thanks to my comm team of : Chris and Richard for capturing number and posting updates to the FB page. Ryan and Wesley for handling the registrations, ably assisted by Tammy and Jane. (We are a couple of comm members short at the moment), and as usual, Donald, Chris and Themba ran the queue. Thanks guys for putting in the hard work!

Finally, thank you to Monster Energy for coming through and providing some ice cold refreshments, NF Additives for the prizes and coming to support us, Cool Boost Systems ( a new advertiser) for the awesome prizes, and Solid Racing Developments for the support!

See you at our next event, on 18 March, our Night Run…

You can find the results here:VWCSA Tri-City Dyno Night Final and as usual, an album of pics on our Facebook page. Pics from the Cape Town event can be found at Ma3pho2.

Keep in mind that VAG Cafe will bring you all the coolest VAG content as and when it happens. Check back here as often as you can…

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