With things feeling a lot more normal-ish, events are ever so slightly starting happen again on the motorsport side of things. Oddly the law still says you can’t have more than 200 people at an outdoor event (or something equally ridiculous) and so this means the events that rely on foot traffic income to be able to cover the cost of setting things up can’t happen. That or someone is going to be a fair chunk of change out of pocket. To be able to accommodate racers and their families and stay legal, the VW Club of SA’s annual Vereeniging Kart Circuit event was limited to 40 entries. This meant it would be a pretty cool, intimate event for VW lovers and fans and that’s something the VAG Cafe crew like a lot.

Well you’d think so anyway. While this event was well-attended and all the slots sold out, if it wasn’t for the club flags and a few familiar faces, I would never have said I was at an event hosted by the biggest single-marque club in SA. There were a mere handful of VAG cars in attendance (counting VWs only was worse) which boggles the mind. It feels like we’ve been saying the same thing every time we cover a VWCSA event. I hate to be that guy who complains but I’ve been hitting up VWCSA events since around 1992 and the decline in support is a little worrying, especially considering the amount of paid-up members. I mean yeah, these are strange times and there’s issues with finances and all sorts, but then similar events wouldn’t be packed like they are – with plenty fast and hot VWs taking part. If you have any ideas for how the club can pull more members to events, let us know and we’ll pass the stuff along to them.

There were more Minis at the event than anything else, which isn’t a bad thing, they’re well known for being fun on track. On this kart track, if you can get your car to lap on a minute dead, you’re fast. On the day the top nine positions were all sub-1-minute runs, and the overall fastest was Jared Rossouw in an Audi TT with a lap of 58:034-seconds. He’s a familiar sight on track and knows just how to chuck his TT around and it shows. All-wheel slides weren’t uncommon… The fastest front-wheel drive was Tony T’s N/A Honda Integra running a best lap of 58:257, while the fastest rear-wheel drive was Ryan Butt with 58:942. Mad fast times for sure. The best entertainment of the day had to have been watching the normally-aspirated Honda keeping the ClubSport at bay, some class driving from both drivers and some great entertainment. That Honda has absolutely awesome handling in and through the corners.

Even though attendance on the VW front was low, it was still a great day out, I mean the only way a track day isn’t good is when you can’t get your car home the same way you got it to the track. In that case it looked to be a good day for all, if there were any kinds of failures, they happened after we left. Also, even though there were so few VWs, I still managed to miss a track shot of Ashley Shamrock’s Jetta, which is a pity because he always attends and puts in some great laps. So here’s a pic of his car from last year’s VAG Cafe coverage of the event, just because.

With restrictions hopefully easing up a little end more events taking place, we hope to be able to bring you more content to the blog. If there are any good VW-related events taking place out there, drop us a message. If we’re free, we’d dig to check it out. For the full album, head on over to the VAG Cafe Facebook page. For results and all that other stuff, head on over to the VWCSA facebook page. Peace out.

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