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When events pop up organised by the Volkswagen Club of SA we secretly get quite excited. A couple of years back we’d attend their events if nothing else came up, but these days the club is absolutely rocking thanks to the current committee. These guys are on the ball, a real passionate bunch who know exactly what the club members want. This event was billed to be a night run, starting on the East Rand and ending on the East rand, but only after a lap of the highway down Alberton side. Around two years back, if you checked the Facebook event page you’d see a few hundred people who confirmed attendance, but you could put a highly scientific mathematical equation into effect and divide that number by 10 to see how many people would pitch up – so an event with 30 cars in attendance would have been classed as a successful event. These days the mathematical equation uses multiplication instead of division.

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The meeting point was the parking lot adjacent to Bruma Nissan, more than enough space for 30 cars. 50 even. Luckily though, there was also enough space for 400-500 cars. Yup, that’s how many pitched up for the VWCSA Nigh Run! It was absolutely insane, there were loads of VWs of course, but the field of cars included just about anything you can think of; rotaries, Skylines, Opels, BMWs – even Volvos. A bunch of clubs attended too; Rev Blooded Nation, Fanatics, Uber Fitted Culture, FR&R and even a troupe of old school Beetles. So much of cars! Incidentally, a Volvo was the highlight of the night – at a VAG event!  The only thing to complain about at the meeting point was that the parking lot lights that are usually on, weren’t. This mean it was pretty much in pitch darkness making taking pics a serious mission, but for those without cameras it was great.

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The plan was to meet up at 21:30 and then leave at 22:00. I arrived at 20:30 to grab some cool pics, but ended up doing more socialising than pic taking thanks to the darkness. When I arrived there was one car there and I thought the Facebook formula may need a re-tweak, but just 20 minutes later the parking lot was filling up. By 22:00 there was easily over 300 cars. As you can imagine, this would be a nightmare getting to the highway, but no one cared, the atmosphere was insane.

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VWCSA main man, Ian Foat, addressed the huge crowd to tell them what the route would be and to thanks them for their attendance, but mainly to try and get people to behave on the route. Everyone nodded sagely in agreement with Ian – safety and obeying the law was a must. Of course, as soon as the cars hit the tarmac the whole speech went out the window and cars were wheel-spinning and driving like maniacs, but that was honestly expected and we still love the passionate nutters.

We decided to head straight to the end point of the run which was to be at our VAG friend’s place in Edenvale, Oettinger SA. A few rolling shots were attempted but the cars were a little too erratic and holding a DSLR out of the driver’s window with a healing broken hand made it impossible to do. There were a bunch of photographers there and if any managed cool rolling shots we’ll share their albums via our Facebook page.

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I don’t think The Vale knew what it was in for. In the space of around 30 minutes the the street filled up with hundreds of cars and even more people. It was rather chaotic and a few of us were expecting someone to cock up and have a wee bit of a bumper bashing, but thankfully there were no problems. It didn’t take long for the police to pitch up though, which makes sense as the station is only a few hundred meters up the road. They were chilled though, just doing a few drive-bys. They didn’t even fine the few people doing burnouts and donuts, they just gave that Metro finger wag and that was enough to calm people down and stop the silly bigger actions.

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So yeah, the event was a massive success, way better than anyone could possibly predict. This is yet another event that proves to us that the Volkswagen Club of SA is under the best leadership for many years. Every event pulls the crowds, be it VAG fans or not, the people pull in for a good time. It makes sense then that the VAG Cafe crew do their best to be at every event held by the club. A big shoutout goes to the club, the club’s committee and the car-loving public – thanks for another wicked event!

Will you see VAG Cafe at the next VWCSA event? Well, is a frog’s bum watertight?

Catch the full album complete with many non-VAG cars, on our Facebook page.

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Here’s a summary of the night from VWCSA chairman, Ian Foat:

When we set about planning the Nightrun, we thought that the turn out would be relatively small, as the long weekend would draw many out of JHB. With the day coming closer, the weather in JHB turned nasty, with the rain not looking like clearing all week.

An emergency meeting was scheduled and we discussed pulling the plug. Weather apps were watched closely, and we all became weather experts for the next 48 hours. Friday morning saw the weather gods giving the club a break (it almost always rains at our events) and the sky was clear. And then, Friday afternoon the heavens opened! It was too far down the line to cancel the Run. We called it, we were going ahead rain or moonshine!

Well, the rest is history. I arrived at Bruma Nissan just before 9. The parking lot had a few cars in it. Nothing major. A few of the regulars, Chris Wall , of Chris Wall Media, blogging for VAG Cafe, Hostilty, showing off his newest interpretation on his dream Golf 5. The Air Cooled guys were also there with a whole host of Beetles, then, cars just started streaming in! For the next hour, it didn’t stop. Hundreds of cars pulled in. And I mean, hundreds.

It was awe inspiring! Cars from all marques, Rev Blooded Nation came through with Scoobies and Evos. I spotted Arbee from TheFanatics.co.za, chilling with Divio their resident photographer. Opels, Fords, Nissans, RX7s… Absolutely amazing! And Of course, VWs! Beetles, Buses, Golfs, Jettas, Passats, Rocs, Polos – So many VWs!

An absolutely amazing sight! There were at least 400 cars present, I estimate closer to 500. A quick rundown of the cruise details, and we moved off. I left last, at 11pm, with the head of the convoy already half way around the ring. I cruised around with le viagra est il dangereux the RX7’s, and Stratten’s newly completed bagged C30 Volvo, which was definitely one of the cars of the evening for me.

Arriving at Oettinger South Africa, in Edenvale, a scene from a movie was playing out in front of me… Cars everywhere, people chilling on the sidewalks, music playing from the shop. I also spotted the crazy guys from Speed and Sound Magazine , Darren, Zack and CJ lurking about! These are some of the craziest guys around, and with Zack around I had to watch him carefully with my car, he has a penchant for sneaky drives in it! Was great having them join us!

An absolutely crazy evening!

Huge thanks go to all the crews that hooked up with us, GP Polo Crew, Rev Blooded Nation, Uber Fitted, FR&R Tuning South Africa, TheFanatics, and everyone else that joined up! Thanks to Oettinger South Africa for hosting us at your shop, we look forward to many more great evenings with you guys!

Finally, to the VeeDubs, you guys rock!


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