Ok, ok, that was a clickbait sorta heading, but you would have visited here anyway because here at VAG Cafe we know you’re as passionate with all things Volkswagen as we are. Buuuuuut Solberg was there, if you really wanna get technical. This post is actually about the annual My Car Got Shot event hosted by the Volkswagen Club of SA, which is always a winner, and this year it went sort of on the lines of last year’s one with Club Chairman Ian Foat once against showing off his top level organisational skills. For the 2018 installment of MCGS, the Club was given access to the premises at Carnival City while the Gymkhana GRiD event was on. So not only did the club organise a contingent of cars to park inside the venue for them to be displayed, every driver was also given an entry ticket for their troubles. Other clubs can take note, this is how you keep your status as a great club. Cars in attendance were pre-approved though, which makes sense because without it too many would want to join – not a bad thing of course, but some control is simply a must. The cars chosen for the event had to be really good though because they were on display for thousands to see while they were waiting for the international drivers to show off their skills. This pre-approval did cause a fair amount of butthurt out there, saying the cars chosen were all friends and part of a clique – sad that they thought about it this way because of course everyone in the club is friends, that’s what happens when you join a club… 

As said, there were plenty cars on display, and true to the VWCSA ethos, anyone with a hot car was allowed so those pre-approvals included all sorts of cars, including A Supra, some Skylines, a few Mazdas and some Hondas too. Not all shot attendees would be VW fans, so the Club made sure to cater for everyone. Some cars were put on display on a section of a field with the VWCSA gazebo front and centre, others were parked alongside the exhibitor stalls, and then a long line of cars were parked along a section of road set aside just for the cars. This looked awesome and the little road was busy with foot traffic all event long, and the best part is that the road lead to nowhere so the people on the road were here purely to see the cars. very cool. Out of the lineup there was loads of hot cars ranging from old school to new school, static slammed to bagged – it really was a decent display – 100% VAG Cafe approved.      

So how was the actual Gymkhana GRiD event? Well, no need to pull punches I guess. Last year was better overall, as seemed to be the general consensus when VAG Cafe got to chatting to people at the event. There was a lot less to see, the skate and BMX ramps weren’t there, the guys on the jumpy motorbike things weren’t there and the exhibitor stalls weren’t as plentiful. Last year a huge complaint was the lack of shade on the grandstands, and that wasn’t addressed so everyone baked in the sun. The only entertainment was the XS Promotions drift cars doing suicide rides really. Last year there was stuff to see on the GRiD track with demos and things to keep people entertained until the main event, a highlight being stunt driver Terry Grant and his crew – he was absent this year. So if you had walked around and seen the various stalls and cars on display, you had a pretty long and boring wait until the action at around 16:00. Still, it was good, I mean how can Gymkhana GRiD not be good? The definite highlight was Ken Block’s Hoonicorn V2, that twin turbocharged monster is amazing to see online, but seeing and hearing it up close was absolutely INSANE! Of course for the VWCSA guys, the long wait for the event to kick off wasn’t bad at all, it was like a huge social event where everyone got to catch up with each other and put a few cold ones away. 

When the action started on track, the stands filled up fast. The international drivers and cars were brilliant, but what made it really cool was how the crowds cheered on the locals competing in the event. They did battle though, not for a lack of driving skill because they can all hold their own damn well, the difference was in the cars, more specifically the horsepower. The imported stuff came along with many, many horses but that’s expected with factory-backed, sponsor-filled big budget teams. The Club members loved it, I mean when you get to see a works VW Polo kicking Hoonicorn ass it gives you that serious sense of pride for the brand that you love. The action was just mad though, I don’t think anyone was disappointed in any way. If you missed it, you can see a full 4 hours of the event right here…

So while last year’s was better, that’s not to say this year’s was a waste at all. Any form of motorsport at this level is worth attending if you can make it. For many seeing these cars and drivers live in action is a once in a lifetime experience. VAG Cafe had a blast, and I’m sure everyone else did too, well at least after the sunburn faded. Well done to all involved, especially the VW Club for ending the event year off with a serious bang!

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