This past weekend saw another event hosted by our favourite car club, the Volkswagen Club of SA. This time round the club heeded the calls, complaints, wants and needs of members and supporters. You see, after all the big and successful park off and show-style events hosted by the club, you will ALWAYS find complaints from various people who want to race, to go fast somewhere in a massive dick-swinging event to prove who has the fastest car. This is great, because the club is made up of many, many members and not all of them are into stance and standing around socialising. So for this event the club decided on a heads-up drag racing event at the awesome facility that is RedStar Raceway in Delmas. Because many out there with modified cars usually race on the streets, it was decided to have an event in a true street style with no lights, no timing boards and no classes – just a typical countdown and hands drop to launch the cars. Great stuff, so now all the guys who bullshit that they’re fast and can run 11-seconds on the 400m but have actually never been on a timed drag strip have a place to play thanks to no timing boards to discredit the braai-side claims. So yeah, this promised to be a great event with the club catering to the demands of it’s members and supporters – as a club should do. 

A few of us met up on the East Rand to head out to RedStar in convoy, keen to get to the track for some action. The drive there was great, one straight and smooth highway until the turnoff to the track and Robert’s your mother’s brother – we had arrived. Not too long after we were there, a few people joined us at the track and we were ready for some action. By around 10:00 a problem became apparent though, the few that had arrived were basically the only ones to arrive. After all the complaints by the racers in the club and supporters of the club for an event that they can actually put all those engine mods to use at, only 22 pitched up to race. TWENTY-F@£KING TWO! Also, those 22 that arrived to race weren’t all club members. I’d like to say it was a poor show from the members, but the attendance doesn’t event deserve that description. The club is HUGE, literally the biggest in SA, so this was quite the disappointment for this VAG Cafe rep.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not putting this on the Club or the Club’s committee at all. The members did all the usual promotion of the event and kept an eye on the social media pages to gauge the amount of spectators and participants the event was expected to attract, and the numbers were good like they normally are. Come race day though… Crickets and tumbleweeds. Sure there was that event at Midvaal, SA Bike Fest (which by all accounts wasn’t worth the money) and Michelin Cup at Zwartkops. Midvaal was a day later, as was Michelin Cup, and I do understand that guys entered into these events wouldn’t want to risk damage to their cars and possibly forcing them out of planned events. The thing that gets me though is that when you’re a part of a club, you support the club. You don’t have to race either, but pull in, socialise and have a jol. I guess some are more loyal than others. If I wasn’t there for VAG Cafe, I would still have been there to support for at least half the day, and would have hit up one of the other events later or the next day. Maybe I’m more loyal than I give myself credit for.

Now on to the day… The committee kept their composure and like true professionals, ensured the show would go on. There were some pretty decent cars there to play on the drag strip, mostly new-generation stuff, but it was proper fun. A contingent of our mates from TSC Garage arrived to race and support, and there was a pretty good turnout of REVO-tuned and VAG Cafe cars on hand too, along with a pair of Mazdas, a couple of Fords and a Chevy UTE that was allergic to it’s tyres and kept trying to spin the rubber off the rims. Not a bad thing of course. Heck, even some chaps who arrived to support and didn’t have their cars on hand raced too – on foot! That was properly entertaining and was the 1st time I thought we’d see a paramedic spring into action at an event. Thanks to the lower amount of competitors the chaps (in cars) managed to get in loads of runs, so there were no complaints from those that did arrive. I had a great time out, and I look forward to the next VWCSA event, no matter what it is. Big up to the VWCSA committee for being consummate professionals and still making the day a good one. Take a look at some of the pics below, and then check out a few more on the VAG Cafe Facebook page, that’s where the Fords and friends will be found. We’ll see you at the next VWCSA event, no matter what that is…  

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