Yeah, drag racing can be a funny, funny thing. Head online to a million and one Facebook groups, check out WhatsApp groups dedicated to cars and racing and you will see literally hundreds of properly modified cars with big power and owners bragging about killing this supercar and that GT-R and this bike and and and… These guys are the ones who share those memes about stance life and park-offs being lame and they make a point of letting everyone know that they don’t like parking off and they have a fast car to race. The thing is, when a race meeting does pop up, how many of these big turbo tarmac killers attend? Let me put it this way, you can count them on two hands.

I personally think many of the guys just don’t want proof of their times. Being able to embarrass a Gallardo on the highway makes for a great race tale, but running a 12.9-second quartermile doesn’t. Anyway, this is the same problem every year, guys beg for race events and then don’t attend when they happen. Luckily the VW Club of SA is an awesome one that opens its door to one and all, no matter what you drive and that means this drag race meeting at RedStar Raceway ended up being well-attended with some rather cool cars in line to get times and speeds.

The guys from Eagle Eye brought some mean cars through, like a monster of an Audi S2 and a properly quick Audi RS3 sedan. Karp Performance also made a proper showing with more fast Audis from their stable. A bunch from Insane Racing and TSC also pulled in to lay some rubber down. It ended up being a brilliant day out, enough cars and people made the effort to attend turning what looked like a low turnout into a perfect one. The guys got in lots of runs, and with things running smooth the line up and return of the cars was pretty quick.

RedStar’s strip is pretty cool, it runs along the straight that’s alongside the highway and while there are no barriers, there is run off for days in case the unthinkable happens. The club used the well know Truvelo timing and the times and speeds were spot on with other tracks according to many I spoke to, which means that the times and speeds seen in the results can be used as fact. There were impressive runs, that Eagle Tuned RS3 sedan hit the 10s and Louis’s Superbug ran a 12 dead withy a trap speed of 190 km/h – in an old school Beetle!

All in all, the VWCSA Run What You Brung event was great. VAG Cafe left just after the lunch break, but the track was open for a few more hours after allowing the competitors a very satisfiable amount of runs. Also having the guys from the RedStar canteen bringing snacks and drinks to buy in a golf cart made things just that much better. Big up to the VWCSA comm for their hard work yet again, new man in charge Sebz Cenizo did great and we’re looking forward to supporting his tenure. We’ll see you at the next big event, which is gonna be INSANE – DubRun 2019!

Oh yeah, for the full album, you know the drill. Head on over to the VAG Cafe Facebook page. The full results will soon be found on the VWCSA Facebook page and forum.

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