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R8 Coilpacks set4

R 3,000.00

Dragy GPS Based Performance Meter

R 2,400.00

GFB Electronic Boost Controller G Force II

R 5,000.00

AEM Version3 1 Gallon WaterMethanol Injection Kit

R 8,950.00

VCDS with HEXV2 USB Interface Unlimited

R 5,950.00

Forge Motorsport Turbo Blanket

R 1,250.00

AEM WaterMethanol Injection Inline Filter

R 495.00

Snow Performance Stage 2.5 Boost Cooler WMI kit

R 8,950.00

WOT box

R 3,608.00

Snow Solenoid upgrade kit for WMI

R 1,500.00

ECS Tuning 2.0T Coil Pack Conversion Kit Stage 1RED

R 1,815.00

FORGE Valve Spring Tuning Kit

R 495.00

Forge Motorsport SplitR DV for 1.8T

R 3,465.00

ECS Tuning 2.0T Coil Pack Conversion Kit Stage 1BLACK

R 1,815.00

GFB DV Blow off Valve or BOV 25mm Bosch diverter replacement

R 2,250.00

Forge Motorsport replacement DV 1.8T FMDV008

R 2,915.00

AEM WaterMethanol Failsafe Gauge

R 4,565.00

AEM V2 WaterMethanol Injection Standard Controller Kit with Internal MAP Sensor

R 2,850.00

GFB Deceptor Pro II TMS Universal 25mm inlet 25mm outletmotorised Blow off valve or BOV with GFB TMS advantage.

R 6,765.00

Forge Motorsport turbo inlet pipe FM225IND

R 4,150.00

P Gear Data logger

R 2,640.00

Forge Motorsport turbo inlet pipe FMINDBFR4

R 4,150.00

Forge Motorsport Adjustable actuator Polo 9n3 GTI Ibiza 1.8T

R 3,500.00

Revo SPS

R 2,500.00

Snow Performance VC-50 Water Methanol Controller

R 4,500.00