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GFB DV Diverter Valve Kit 2.0 TFSI2.0TSI

R 2,035.00


R 203.50

R8 Coilpacks set4

R 3,000.00

Dragy GPS Based Performance Meter

R 2,400.00

MagSign Original

R 850.00

Autotech HPFP upgrade EA113 2.0TFSI

R 7,250.00


R 600.00

VAG Cafe License disc holder

R 50.00

GFB Electronic Boost Controller G Force II

R 5,000.00

DSG Steering Paddle Shift Extensions Mk6 GTI R Polo 6R

R 550.00

RS4 Fuel Pressure Release Valve

R 1,300.00

Forge Motorsport Adjustable actuator K04

R 3,500.00

ECS Magnetic Sump Plug With 10 Copper Washers

R 275.00


R 330.00

ECS Tuning Cam Follower Replacement Kit

R 649.00

Forge Motorsport 10mm spacer Pair

R 1,150.00

ECS Tuning Billet Aluminum Rear Wiper Delete Plug

R 650.00

Washer Fluid Reservoir Cap Black With Porsche Caps

R 1,550.00

VWR Carbon fibre pen

R 275.00

AEM Version3 1 Gallon WaterMethanol Injection Kit

R 8,950.00

Ball Seat wheel bolt for 10mm spacers

R 620.00

SUPERPRO Dogmount insert 2009

R 650.00

Black Washer Fluid Reservoir Cap For VW & AUDI

R 150.00

Forge Motorsport 16mm spacers Pair

R 1,350.00

ECS Cam Chain Tensioner Service Kit

R 2,850.00

Forge Motorsport VAG 2.0TFSI PCV Delete Plate

R 2,050.00

MOTUL RBF 660 Factory line

R 265.00

Forge Motorsport actuator spring set

R 650.00

Porsche 911 coolant cap

R 800.00

VCDS with HEXV2 USB Interface Unlimited

R 5,950.00

MOTUL 300V Power 5W40

R 520.00

Porsche 911 oil cap

R 800.00

Osir Design OPod MONO GT6

R 1,150.00

iABED Billet Aluminum Rear Main Seal Upgrade EA888

R 2,450.00

VWR R key ring

R 143.00

Ball Seat wheel bolt for 16mm spacers

R 620.00

Forge Motorsport Turbo Blanket

R 1,250.00

AEM WaterMethanol Injection Inline Filter

R 495.00

MOTUL Inugel Optimal Ultra

R 110.00

ECS Tuning 2.0T boost tap

R 880.00

VAG CAFE Show plate

R 137.50

Forge Motorsport key ring

R 100.00

Purge Valve Mk5 GTI 2.0TFSI

R 705.00

GFB VTA T9451 Fitment includes Mk5 &amp M6 GTI and similar

R 3,150.00

VAG Connector Removal Tool

R 275.00