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Dragy GPS Based Performance Meter

R 2,400.00

MagSign Original

R 850.00

VAG Cafe License disc holder

R 50.00

GFB Electronic Boost Controller G Force II

R 5,000.00

Forge Motorsport 10mm spacer Pair

R 1,150.00

Ball Seat wheel bolt for 10mm spacers

R 620.00

Audi RS3 OEM Coil Packs set4

R 3,500.00

Forge Motorsport 16mm spacers Pair

R 1,350.00

Ball Seat wheel bolt for 16mm spacers

R 620.00

Forge Motorsport Turbo Blanket

R 1,250.00

VAG CAFE Show plate

R 137.50

Snow Performance Stage 2.5 Boost Cooler WMI kit

R 8,950.00

JB4 Magnetic Cell Phone Mount

R 300.00

Snow Solenoid upgrade kit for WMI

R 1,500.00

REVO Stage badge

R 100.00

Leyo Motorsport MQB Dogbone Insert Version 1

R 850.00

USP TrackSwitch Wireless Burnout Box for AWD

R 3,685.00

Racingline Door decals short Black

R 660.00

VAG Cafe License Disc Holder Grey/Red

R 100.00

Maxton Design 8V RS3 Sportback roof spoiler

R 3,650.00

AEM XSeries OBDII Data Stream Digital Gauge

R 2,850.00

AEM V2 WaterMethanol Injection Standard Controller Kit with Internal MAP Sensor

R 2,850.00

VAG Haldex Oil for Quattro & 4Motion

R 1,050.00

Maxton Design 8V RS3 Sportback front spoiler V2

R 4,800.00

REVO Badge rear

R 500.00