When you mention the Netherlands, people immediately think Amsterdam, and then the mind wanders to things you can smoke. The thing is, the best thing to smoke with products from the Netherlands is your tyres, but only after you add some TVS-Engineering flavour to your VAG car’s transmission hardware and software. I mean, how many times have you heard about someone with a VAG car that’s been fitted with all the bells and whistles that can churn out stupid power, but when it comes time to put the power down, you get the “my clutch is slipping” excuse? Well that’s where TVS-Engineering comes in. The company is widely known as a DSG specialist thanks to offering innovative, next-level solutions on DSG software since 2005. The company also offers solutions for less complex automatic transmissions like Audi’s CVT and the 09G/09K 6-speed automatic transmission, as seen on VAG vehicles and Volvos. In fact, TVS-Engineering can also help with Getrag-manufactured DCT transmissions from Volvo/Ford/Mitsubishi and Dodge, among others.

Software can only to do so much, and that’s where the TVS-Engineering hardware solutions come in. Since 2009, the company offers DSG race clutches, kicking off with the TVS DQ250 DSG, and including DQ380, DQ381, DQ500 and DL501. These TVS-Engineering DSG racing clutches have been designed to increase the clutch torque capacity to the maximum without sacrificing reliability or drivability. This is done by carefully balancing the friction surface area, friction materials, plate designs and clutch pack shimming. This has taken years of trial and error, it was found that too many plates will increase the friction of the clutch resulting in reduced drivability, gear synchronizing issues and nowhere near the factory drivability, while when the plates are too thin (often directly resulting from adding more plates) it will reduce the thermal capacity of the clutch and things can cook.

There are of course limits to what software and clutches can do, and so for the big power applications, TVS-Engineering offers the TVS DQ500 conversion. Here the daddy VAG transmission (0BH/0BT 7-speed wet clutch) as seen in the VW Transporter from 2009-present as well as the Audi RS3/TT-RS, Audi Q3 and VW Tiguan, is given some TVS loving in all the right places and is then offered as a plug & play solution. The DQ500 gearbox is the strongest transversal DSG within the VAG concern, and DQ500 basic conversion kit is made up of a new and complete DQ500 gearbox including mechatronics and clutch, TVS DQ500 conversion software and immobilizer solutions (if necessary). There are also additional parts available on request. For the most applications though, it’s a full Plug & Play kit that includes all the necessary additional parts like flywheels, driveshafts, engine mounts and wiring adapters. For the R32 & R36 engines the basic DQ500 conversion kit includes a custom bellhousing as well as custom reinforced flywheels.

With TVS-Engineering, the excuses stop. This is a chance for the guys who not only want the big power figures, but that want to use that power too. With the right grocery list of engine mods and TVS-Engineering software and hardware sorting out the transmission, there will be some VAG cars out there embarrassing, well, anything that dares to challenge them. As you would expect, the full range of TVS-Engineering components are exclusively available in South Africa right here through VAG Cafe. Get hold of us to see what the right TVS-Engineering solution for your VAG is. Just do it.

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