DubRun is the Volkswagen Club of SA’s annual pilgrimage to the coast to make a show for enthusiasts down that side, and along the way. That’s the official version, it’s really just an extended convoy to a rad location to have the mother of all piss-ups and head home the next day. VAG Cafe has been on this trip a few times, but sadly for 2019 we’re not headed with. Previous commitments set in stone meant we could only attend the Tape Up event that takes place the night before the trip begins. Of course we’ll share the coverage we see online via our Facebook page, because VAG Cafe is cool like that.

Tape Up sounds dodge, so we’ll explain. This practice started as a way to stop the cars in convoy getting stone chips by applying blue painter’s masking tape to the front bumper and bonnet. Blue is used because it’s more pliable than the white stuff, and the glue doesn’t stay behind when you peel it off. This has been happening for YEARS, but at one event, one of the chaps got his artiness on and instead of applying the tape as a covering, a pretty picture was created, and then someone else thought they could do a better one, and then everyone else thought the same and so a tradition was created.

Over the years these designs have become more intense, and those who aren’t quite as artistically gifted have gone the route of vinyl wrapping their cars in elaborate themes. Because this is how things progressed, it was decided to start awarding prizes for the most creative and clever designs at an event in Durban. There were around 80 cars confirmed for the convoy, and out of the few that arrived at Bedford Centre for Tape Up, VAG Cafe unanimously decided that the best creation with the blue tape was from Stephan Maritz with his Jack Daniel’s theme on his Amarok, and the coolest wrap was Nadia de Kok’s Fanta Grape-themed Audi TTS. So damn cool!

The winner will be chosen by the club committee and members at an event at TMT Performance over the DubRun weekend. We’ll let you know if our favourites ended up as winners or not. If you have any cool DubRun images or stories, share them to the VAG Cafe Facebook page – where you’ll find a few more pics from Tape Up 2019.

We hope everyone travels safe, has no incidents and skips the need for bail money over the weekend. Best of luck to stand-in VWCSA Chairman Sebz Cenizo, seems to be doing a grand job so far.

Peace out – VAG Cafe.

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