This Dragwars event has been anticipated for some time now. there have been plenty online arguments about who rules the roost and the event would be the perfect place to test this out, not forgetting also the giving guys a chance to take up challenges that have popped up since the last event. This, and the fact that many events at Tarlton International Raceway have fallen away because of some politics we don’t really care about, Dragwars promised to be quite the busy event. Then some people decided to host other cool events on the same day, which is a sure-fire way of spreading enthusiasts and racers a little thin. The thing is, Tarlton was busier than we’ve seen it in years, which leads us to believe that the other events might have been on the quiet side. Well, it’s either that or all the racers pitched up at Tarlton while the stance guys headed to Slam Sanctuary and the top-end guys went to Odi for the Racewarz event – all in an even spread. VAG Cafe along with sister company VAG Technik, had a great showing with a rather large crew that decided on supporting this Tarlton event, and they descended in gang-like fashion to mark their territory.

What was immediately apparent upon entering Tarlton’s premises was that no other cars looked like they wanted to race, it was primarily a Volkswagen and Audi affair with hot hatches everywhere you looked. There were a few BMWs mixed in between, but that’s it. No Fords, no Minis, no SEATS, no Opels… Another thing was the choice of cars seen around. We fully expected to see a bunch of seriously modified Mk5 Golfs thanks to their affordability as well as the huge parts availability, but these VAG Cafe eyes spotted two that were racing. Even more surprising was that there was a lone Mk1 Golf there to race, that we only saw get in a single run when the day started. It may have gone out again but not when we were looking.

The action on track was good, we spotted a bunch of guys who were clearly new to drag racing thanks to the way the Christmas tree lights managed to confuse them and catch them out, but they were joined and helped along by plenty seasoned racers. By around 10:00am most people had a run under the belt and so things started running much smoother. The cars were running strong from all camps with great times and speeds – all of the various VAG tuners from around SA seem to be doing good work out there which is great for the industry. There was a conspicuous absence of diesel cars racing though, which is strange because there are some pretty mental Polo TDis running around out there now. In fact older model Polos were hard to spot at the event.

By the time yours truly left, there were two cars into the tens, but when the full results become available we’re expecting to see one or two more, well if things went as planned for the drivers and tuners. There were no real problems we saw on the day, the only thing that sucked a wee bit was that the timing boards weren’t working so everyone had to wait for the times and speeds to be announced. Not a train smash, but a few decent times would have made for great pics. Even teh fully prepared track didn’t seem to claim any sideshafts or engine mountings, although we do suspect it had a hand in taking the candy apple TT off the track.

VAG Cafe had a good old jol at Dragwars, and besides the competition part of it, the event was a massive social too. It’s safe to say this was one of the better race events of the year so far that was not only well attended by spectators and competitors, but by a decent amount of sponsors too. This time around the list included Bidvest McCarthy Constantia, organisers VAG Motorsport, APR, Syndicate Racing, Centlube, Mobil 1, FR&R Tuning, Strada Performance, PSC and Cloud Lounge Vapery. Nice one guys. As usual, check out the full album of pics on the VAG Cafe Facebook page and do the whole Like, Tag and Share thingy. It’s the right thing to do. We’ll see all of you VAG nutters at the next decent event.