This past weekend saw one of the cooler shows taking place, BMW vs VW, and VAG Cafe dropped in to see what’s what. The event once again took place at Stable Inn in Springs, a pretty decent venue by all accounts, even with some sections of the field being cordoned off thanks to being waterlogged. That’s not really a complaint either though, especially with many parts of the country going through a drought, but on the day it did mean the cars were parked on top of each other. Again, not really a bad thing unless your job is to take pictures of said cars, it makes it quite the mission framing the good stuff while keeping the weird things and people out of the shots, but that’s not something you need to worry, that’s our job, and we’re pros so we managed to get in a few decent pics. 

The field (haha) of cars was pretty widespread when it came to the Volkswagens on display. Plenty Mk1 Golfs were seen with a spattering of Mk2s, a handful of Mk3s and few Mk4s. The Mk5, Mk6 and Polo chaps had a healthy contingent though, but what was both odd and cool was that the cars seen weren’t the usual suspects seen at the other big shows. Travelling around the site this trained VAG Cafe shooter was trying to pick out which VW would be the best at the show, and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. There were a few rather tasty UP! models seen, but I think the VWs I like most were Jared’s bagged Mk5 on Alphards and that super neat gloss black 2-door Mk3, but that bagged new-generation Beetle was also the berries.

On the BMW side there was a great showing of cars, so many E30s are still out there and some are in brilliant condition. Again, hard to pick a favourite but if there was a BMW that needed a VAG Cafe stamp of approval it would be the new yellow BMW 2002 on air from Kimos. That said, the winner of Best of Show was also a BMW well worthy of the title, a super sexy 2-door E30 complete with a V8 transplant and stance to make fans weep. We spent a few hours at the show taking pics, chatting to people and doing some marketing for the VAG Cafe brand, I’m pretty sure there will be a few confirmed REVO orders taking place this week if the chats were anything to go by. There were a few people that specifically asked to have shots taken so that they could see themselves on VAG Cafe which is really cool because it means that people expect to see VW-related event coverage here.

On to the show itself, Rizo and the JHB Parties crew did a great job with the event. The only complaint I could possibly have was already mentioned, with the cars being parked on top of each other, no one was directing the right cars to the right places and so the main sort of arena was home to some cars that really should have been parked on the outskirts, and visa versa. But as far as complaints about motoring events go, that’s about it. There was enough food and drinks from vendors, the ablution facilities were great and the whole venue was in top-top shape. The drive there was also good, mainly highways and super smooth roads, so no matter what car you wanted to take you’d be happy, it makes sense that the venue was used again. There were some vendors with wares on display, but we did expect to see a few more from the tuning side of things though. Oh, and yeah, there was no VAG Cafe stand, but we made up for it if you take a look at the trophies handed to winners. Well done to all involved, it was a pretty decent weekend out for car lovers with some camping, a dik party and a wicked show. As usual, catch the rest of the images on the VAG Cafe Facebook page, that’s where the Beemers are hiding. Thanks for looking…