VAG Café Speakeasy 2.0 Cover

“Speakeasy?” We hear you ask. If you haven’t heard the term, you’ve clearly never read or watched anything from the days of prohibition. While the official meaning of a speakeasy borders on the illegal, it sort of fits as a name for some small get-togethers that started springing up round SA, particularly at VAG Café. If you head on over to Wiki, you’ll find that prohibition ran primarily from 1920 to 1933, but people still made plans to gather and get schnozzled. Establishments that had balls still operated, and became known as a speakeasy. Of course speaking is easy as it is, but the name comes from usually having to whisper a password or catch phrase to be able to gain access. No code and you were likely to be a cop, or just uncool.

In this case, it’s not quite as sinister, but since lockdown entered Level 3 some friends and acquaintances have started making the effort to meet up – but still within the rules dictated by the Covid experts. This is the second such meet up at The Café, and before anyone loses it and wants to WhatsApp Bheki Cele to have everyone arrested, there’s really no need. Being responsible adults and all, attendees did everything needed to stay safe – there were sanitising stations in use, skin temperatures were recorded, masks were in place and social distance spacing was even in effect when gathered to chat. Also, unlike a church service where 50 people are allowed to gather, there were less than half that amount in attendance, and said attendance was also spread throughout the day meaning no more than fifteen people were seen together at one time at VAG Café.

As you’d expect from a Speakeasy at The Café, some choice rides made their way along too, which is never a bad thing. During the day we saw the likes of SA’s hottest 7R, SA’s hottest Tiguan, SA’s hottest Beetle and even some lesser spotted cars in SA like the old Passat wagon that most of you have likely never seen before. As luck would having it, the small gathering coincided with the boss man’s birthday (a few days before) which explains the absolutely awesome cake on display.

VAG Café Speakeasy 2.0 Passat

The gathering only lasted a few hours, and gave everyone who popped past a much-needed sense of normalcy. No laws were broken, no regulations were broken and no one got up to any stupid stuff. More than a few SAP vans slowly cruised by giving us all the hairy eyeball, and we’re sure none physically stopped in because there was simply no reason to.

VAG Café Speakeasy 2.0 Beetle
VAG Café Speakeasy 2.0 S3

Will there be another speakeasy-type gathering at The Café? Probably, but nothing’s set in stone. If there is, it’s not going to be a typical event where a date and time is shared and then everyone and their dog attends. No, it would more than likely be a small, intimate affair with those in attendance being given the “password” beforehand. One thing is certain though – if it does happen, we’re guaranteed to see some of the hottest VAG cars in SA pass through the parking lot… Catch the rest of the images over on the VAG Café Facebook page.

VAG Café Speakeasy 2.0 Cake
VAG Café Speakeasy 2.0 2-door
VAG Café Speakeasy 2.0 Chow
VAG Café Speakeasy 2.0 BMW
VAG Café Speakeasy 2.0 Jordans
VAG Café Speakeasy 2.0 TigBum
VAG Café Speakeasy 2.0 S3 Sedan
VAG Café Speakeasy 2.0 Mk5

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