The Volkswagen Club of South Africa’s latest event was called Christmas in July and it promised to be an event of epic proportions. There was to be a Show & Shine, an install competition and of course, a dyno session. The event was partnered up with some well-known industry names like Delarey Racing Developments, Lindsay Saker Edenvale, Global Air Brakes, Speed & Sound Magazine, DJ Vin Deysel and the hosts, Oettinger SA. VAG Cafe too, because that’s how we roll. The event was billed to kick off at 09:00 and run until late, which usually means thinking up excuses to send the missus about why we’re still out at an event on a Sunday and the end credits for Carte Blanche have already signalled that Monday is just a few hours away…

Now traditionally a Christmas in July event is held in the northern hemisphere and it’s smack bang in the middle of their summer, and so the events offer ways to chill, cool down and break away from the heat. In SA, that’s the opposite, the events warm things up and get you ready for the coming summer months when South Africa is one of the best countries on the planet to be in. This event had all the right ingredients to be one for the record books; a great and easily accessible venue, a few different sections in the event to attract guys from different sides of the car scene and great pricing for entry fees. The thing is, we expected more. We’re not sure what this is down to, but one thing is most definitely the build up and promotion of the event. Before heading to Edenvale, we were at another event full of like-minded enthusiasts who are always on the lookout for decent events to attend, but out of the 300 or so people there, only two that we spoke to knew about this event. That’s not good. Double checking and it seems that none of the adverts for the event were promoted on social media accounts, they were just shared and left to organically reach people through pages like our own VAG Cafe page and those of the other companies involved. One of the club members who works in social media actually brought this to our attention, so we can only wonder why proper promotion of the event using paid advertising didn’t happen. It’s quite important in this day and age.

The only reason this stuff came up is because we attended the first event full knowing that we could arrive at this one a bit later in the day and still catch loads of action. We pulled in at around 14:00 and expected to see queues for the dyno and people filling the pavements and streets, as per normal with a VWCSA event. But it looked like things were already winding down. We even packed warm clothes for when the temps dropped after the sun went down, but we strangely made it home with the sun still in the sky. Don’t get it wrong, the event was good, the venue rocked, the food from the cafe was amazing, the cars on display were drool-worthy and the people are some of the coolest out there, but all of those things are the reason the event should have been one for the books when in actual fact the support was merely average at best. This event was quite a way away from the usual size and calibre of VWCSA events, but no matter the size, VAG Cafe will be at just about every event the club puts on, because we like to support those that support us. We’re not sure why things went down the way they did, maybe you’d like to post some comments so the guys can see how to improve on upcoming events?

There were around 30 cars on the dyno throughout the day, and some of the made some pretty wicked power. You’ll have to check out the VWCSA accounts for the results that should be up soon. In the meantime, checkout the album of pics on our Facebook page, and do the usual like, tag and share thing. Peace out, VAG Cafe will see you at the next event, hopefully.