It’s actually mad how fast time flies, but this Jozi Kxlektive movement has been going for a year now, and this 6th one is the 1st to re-use a venue. It makes sense though as the Velmore Hotel is a rather picturesque spot. If you’re a follower of the various local motoring pages you may have seen a few online arguments with regards to the JK events, but remaining as a sort of Switzerland means that VAG Cafe can attend and see some wicked rides. We’re not sure if it’s got anything to do with the politics, but the turnout was a little lower than expected, more than a few Jozi Kxlektive regulars weren’t there.

On the other hand the VAG Cafe lens got to focus on a few new rides, which is never a bad thing. Some drivers were there in different cars, old ones sold off or show cars being under the proverbial knife to change things up – the nature of the game. It’s pretty cool to know that many of these guys have more than one show worthy car – if that’s not a sign of a true enthusiast, we don’t know what is. We waited for the chaps to head into the hotel for a Sunday lunch that was available so that we could walk around and snap pics at leisure without people getting in the way, something every event photographer dreams of. Around three hours into the gig, Vag Cafe pulled out. We’re sure to see some wicked arty pics hitting the relevant blogs and Facebook pages in the coming days though. Velmore has many great backdrops to make the cars look extra special, even as we were leaving there were two sets of photographers on opposite sides of the venue with a car they had selected to get some standalone shots of – which is part of the reason behind a Jozi Kxlektive event.

Jozi Kxlektive 6.0 played host to a bunch of hot modified Volkswagens, an Audi or two and a spattering of more wicked cars from other manufacturers. You’ll see some fine examples here, but as usual, the rest of the pics taken on the day can be found on our Facebook page, so head on over a chuck us a like and a share and a tag if you know the owner. No tagging Wesbank, ok!

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