Under the leadership of Ian Foat, the current chairman of the Volkswagen Club of South Africa, there have been a few great events established that are set to carry on even after he steps down. We’re not sure if his successor will be able to fill his shoes, but VAG Cafe will be on hand to report if they do or not. One of the events he initiated is called My Car Got shot, and this is the 3rd instalment now. It kicked off as a night time park off on the roof of Randridge Mall and it was a huge success. The point of it was for guys to be able to park their rides and have all those chaps handy with a camera to take pics of them. Who doesn’t like to see great pics of their car posted online for all to see, taken by some great photographers in the scene?


The second event took place in the expansive parking lot of the Centurion Lifestyle Centre and that too was packed with awesome cars and awesome people. Jump forward a couple of months and we have the latest, 3rd event. Again at night, but this time things were a little different. Mr Chairman managed to organise with the guys at Speed & Sound Magazine to have the event coincide with their huge Speed & Sound Expo based at The Dome in Northgate. Of course space would be an issue, especially seeing how many people rocked up at the first two events, so he organised to pre-approve the cars via the club’s forum. This not only controlled the amount of cars that could attend, but it also made sure that the quality of cars was amazing. There are some pretty damn amazing cars in the VWCSA spanning from old to new, static stanced or bagged – you name it, it was there to be seen.


The people who attended the opening night of the Speed & Sound Expo got to see all these cars up close, first hand, but they didn’t even need to walk around and look at the cars, a huge arena was set up that allowed the cars to drive to through a short demarcated route and stop in front of a huge stage so that the crowd could see the cars from the comfort of a grandstand. They had the “loudest white boy in SA” on the mic, Vic Pardal, introducing the cars to the attendees and explaining a bit about them. But before the VWs and the other cars that showed up went through, Ian had a surprise for everyone. The first car through was an absolutely mental R35 Nissan GT-R that had been through the RACE! workshop and so was kitted with an awesome Liberty Walk body kit and 800hp motor upgrade, but the best part was having the main man behind the Liberty Walk brand there to get pics with fans – Kato San. He’s in SA for the expo – how’s that for an awesome surprise bonus? Yeah, we’re gonna miss Ian at the helm too.


After the queue of cars had been passed the stage and posed for pics, we managed to go through the Dome and have a sneak peak of the Expo, and of course while we were in there we took pics of all the sexy VAG cars – because after all, this is VAG Cafe. Once again, it was a great event and it exposed more people to the awesomeness that is the VAG side of life. Will Vage Cafe be at My Car Got Shot 4.0? Let me answer you with a question – Is a frog’s bum watertight?


As is the norm, for the rest of the pics taken on the night, and the bonus pics taken inside the Dome, head on over to our Facebook page where you’ll find the full album.

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