One of the most highly regarded events on the aftermarket scene in Cape goes by the name of Only The Fittest, and since inception in 2011 it’s been getting better and better. VAG Cafe was in Cape Town over December when the event, hosted by CapeStance, and made a point of attending to check out how the Cape’s show scene compares to the Jozi scene – with a focus on all things VAG of course. With a few years of this show in the bag we expected a great venue with good organising as well as all the right people posted in all the right places to make things run smoothly, and that’s exactly what we saw at OTF17. Tauriq and his CapeStance family have polished their organising to a fine art, including choosing a great venue and also affording a good layout for the cars to park in, to say we were impressed is an understatement. Cars that had entered the show & shine were found inside a decently-sized hall that makes up part of Atlantic Studios, and the rest were scattered around the venue parking lot with zero chaos and enough space to take decent pics. In Jozi we ALWAYS see people trying to get cars into events to park with the entered cars, claiming to be friends with the organisers or vendors or something, but in Cape Town only those who had entered or had paid for parking tried to get in and the rest of the people attending parked outside in the street with zero complaints. This is where the Jozi crowd can learn a thing or two…

The cars? Well yeah, top quality rides all over the place, and while a fair amount were from the VAG Cafe’s preferred manufacturers, there were all kinds of cars in various states of tune. There does seem to be more quality control over what cars are allowed to enter, there were very few cars that we thought shouldn’t be there, or should at least have parked outside. Maybe they were only entered to get a great parking, we can’t really comment, unless other reasons pop up it seems the standard in the Cape is just that high. Some of the Mk1 Golfs parked under the 021 Rabbits banner would go down brilliantly at VDub Camp Fest, it’s such a pity they’re so far away and that getting there would be a very expensive affair.  We did take a walk around the outside of the venue to see what cars were parked around, and there were a few that would have been much better inside the venue. As expected, VAG Cafe was mainly interested in the VAG-related cars, but there were plenty wicked cars from all the popular manufacturer stables (you’ll be seeing them in the complete album over at the VAG Cafe Facebook page). The organisers did try to get some bikes on display and there weren’t many around, although if the right people get regular invites to events that side of things will certainly pick up. Over and above the cars and the great control of the event, the amount of people that attended was very good, at no time while we were there was the entry queue quiet – never a bad thing. Oh yeah, and these people were mainly there to see the cars and socialise because there weren’t many vendors to actually buy from, unless you wanted something to eat or drink.

So the question of who’s better at this whole modifying / stance thing? Well that’s a tough one. In Jozi there are more heavily modified cars around and that’s likely due to higher incomes and an abundance of tuning and accessory shops, but just because there are more doesn’t mean the scene is better. From the few gatherings attended in the Cape it’s clear that guys do put in a little more effort with the smaller details, and the overall quality of the cars at events is top-notch, but things even out so there’s no clear winner here as far as VAG Cafe is concerned. A few cars on display could have been neatened up and tweaked (most without really spending any money) a bit more to make them even better but that’s common to all shows. There is still something that the Jozi and KZN scenes can learn from the Cape scene though – how to behave at events and mutual respect for others – there were people smoking funny stuff and drinking stuff and having a good time and there was absolutely zero attitude and just smiles all round – well for this Jozi photographer anyway. Well done CapeStance, and well done Cape Town – you’re truly a brilliant bunch!

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