There’s a few big shows on the calendar that feature a strong contingent of VAG cars; VDub Camp Fest, BMW vs. VW and Germany vs. Japan by the O.Gs at Southside Crew. This weekend it was the turn of the latter, and the show was bigger and better than expected. I mean yeah, we knew there would be a good turnout, but even with some pretty nippy weather, the annual show produced the biggest turnout to date. Of course the Germany side includes plenty BMWs too, but the Volkswagens and Audis outnumbered the rest by a fair margin. There were a few show categories to enter, and this year there was only a 1st place awarded in each category, and a 1st and 2nd overall for Best German and Best Japan, and each winner was awarded a cool R1000. Sure that’s a drop in the ocean compared to what’s been spent on the cars, but this actually sets a new standard for shows. This is the best prize money we’ve seen, and is more appreciated and more useful than a small plastic trophy that’s gonna sit on a shelf gathering dust. Southside Crew have laid down the law, let’s see if the others out there follow suit.

We’d love to give you a count of cars that pitched up on the day, but the guys that entered in the three main categories of Parkoff, Stance and Limbo totalled a few hundred easily. The judges had themselves a pretty hard job, but it was made a little easier having just one class winner per category. The Southside Crew marshalls also managed to get the entrants parked in an orderly fashion of sorts which made it a lot easier to find and judge the cars. A few people complained that they never saw the judges at some of the cars, but seeing as yours truly was a judge, that’s not quite the case. From around 09:30 though to 15:30 the trio of judges made sure to check out every car wearing the right entry and class stickers. At more than a few cars we didn’t manage to see the engine bay or boot installs, or even the car’s interiors because the owners weren’t at the cars. One chap said he didn’t know when he needed to be next to his car. Ummm, how about THE WHOLE DAY. If you were there to park off and socialise, there was an entry that enabled you to do that, but if you entered to have the car judged, it’s basic logic that you should be around your car until you’ve given a judge access. Luckily the cars that never allowed full access weren’t top contenders in the various classes.

There were a few crews spotted around, guys from various car clubs and lone wolf-types just there for themselves, and it made the show pretty interesting. The low limbo was quite popular, although we didn’t get pics of that because the lighting and the crowds gathered around the cars made it quite the mission, especially when the cars spread around needed their pics taken too. On the stance side there were plenty air-ride cars again, some done better than others, along with some very tasty static rides. On the static side there was once again a bunch of guys that arrived and wound the coilies down, which is cool of course, but there were those guys that arrived and removed springs completely. I don’t care who you are, I will fight you if you argue that these cars should be considered for Best Static. Luckily the car that won this actually drove to the show at the height it was judged in. The rest of the classes all had some wicked winners. While I did do the judging, I didn’t keep a list of winners, but as and when the Southside Crew chaps do their social media posts on the event, we’ll update this article with the relevant information. 

In the meantime, enjoy a few pics here, and then make sure to check out the full album over at the VAG Cafe Facebook page. We’ll catch you at the next cool event that features some of the best SA Vag cars, until then – modify everything! Big up to the Southside Crew for an outstanding event!

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